casdeiro: cénit do petróleo + crise

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  1. This year, we can prepare for the post-2018 resurgence of crisis convergence by planting seeds — however small — for that future in our own lives, and with those around us, from our families, to our communities and wider societies.
  2. Historically, 4% of world GDP appeared to be a dangerous threshold. Whenever the world oil spending rose above 4% of world GDP for a sustained period of time, global economy had suffered from major instabilities.
  3. Crisis Energética -
  4. there are increasing warnings about an “oil supply crunch” within the next few years (...) These warnings began just over two years ago, yet the mainstream media have rarely mentioned them, so the public remains largely unaware.
  5. A shortage of oil could be a real problem for the world within a fairly short period of time.
  6. No sé si la globalización es buena o mala, pero sé que es insostenible

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