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  2. We are in the Hirsch Report’s worst-case scenario—only it’s worse.
  3. Professor John Beddington is the chief scientific advisor to the U.K. government. He is big on evidence. On the facts. He doesn't really do hyperbole. On Thursday, he delivered a powerful presentation warning of a "perfect storm" of social and environm
  4. he world’s wealthiest nations, the G20 group, have decided to light a fire but have forgotten a very important detail – to check whether there is sufficient fuel to enable the fire to burn.
  5. The current financial crisis is a direct result of peak oil. There may be oscillations in the economic situation, but generally, we can't expect things to get much better. In fact, there is a very distinct possibility that things may get very much worse
  6. The International Energy Agency says that when the economy regains strength, demand for crude will pick up.
  7. A Guide to Self-Sufficiency and Sustainable Living

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