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  1. If that isn’t an admission that the era of Peak Oil is upon us, what is?
  2. seeks to provide you with a baseline understanding of the economy so that you can better appreciate the risks that we all face.
  3. En realidade describe a comunidade modelo "Agraria" en Yellow Springs (Ohio). O título está modificado e collido de
  4. The role of neglected cities in a sustainable future
  5. We are a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, support, training, and networking for Transition Initiatives across the United States.
  6. "No vamos a ser rehenes de recursos que se están agotando, de gobiernos hostiles, y de una Tierra que se calienta"
  7. vice president of Toyota Motor Sales USA. "(Las summer) was a brief glimpse of our future. We must address the inevitability of peak oil

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