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  1. Russia may face wars on its borders in the near future over control of energy resources, a Kremlin document on security policy (which maps out Russia's security strategy until 2020) said
  2. The International Energy Agency says that when the economy regains strength, demand for crude will pick up.
  3. the worst would happen based on his current data, the melting of the world's subsea permafrost could triple the atmosphere's current share of methane, which would be "enough for a climate catastrophe," he said – that is, an average global temperatur
  4. OhmyNews International is an English language online newspaper that features "citizen reporter" articles written by contributors from all over the globe. Its content is almost 100% citizen reporter.
  5. Emma would be just another Spanish teenager, if it were not for her mobile phones.
  6. Peers ridicule kids who don't respond to e-mails within half an hour
  7. there's a 25% probability of a full-blown stock-market crash in the next 120 days

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