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  1. "No vamos a ser rehenes de recursos que se están agotando, de gobiernos hostiles, y de una Tierra que se calienta"
  2. dirigirse a un motor de búsqueda en la Web y digitar dos conceptos produce una liberación de CO2 similar a la que produce hervir agua en una tetera eléctrica.
  3. the worst would happen based on his current data, the melting of the world's subsea permafrost could triple the atmosphere's current share of methane, which would be "enough for a climate catastrophe," he said – that is, an average global temperatur
  4. The story is being come at from two different angles including the alarmist, cataclysmic climate change angle and the potential energy resource angle
  5. Experts work to confirm source of gas bubbling from Arctic seabed
  6. Es ya muy difícil evitar un cataclismo en el planeta Tierra en los próximos cien años.
  7. Arctic Ice Retreat May Be Harbinger of Climate Change
  8. Wherever we look at the figures we are, on nearly every front, approaching Armageddon at an appallingly fast rate.
  9. British scientists find more evidence of climate threat
  10. Arctic scientists discover new global warming threat as melting permafrost releases millions of tons of a gas 20 times more damaging than carbon dioxide

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