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  1. This year, we can prepare for the post-2018 resurgence of crisis convergence by planting seeds — however small — for that future in our own lives, and with those around us, from our families, to our communities and wider societies.
  2. Crisis Energética -
  3. We analyse, index and map over 100 global risks to help companies identify areas of high risk and navigate the complex challenges encompassed by climate change, pandemics, resource security, terrorism and human rights.
  4. la agencia internacional de la energía anuncia que podemos sufrir una crisis de suministro después de 2010.
  5. Current global trends in energy supply and consumption are patently unsustainable — environmentally, economically, socially.
  6. El G8 espera que el FMI y la AIE se decanten sobre esa hipótesis que culpa a la especulación del fenómeno o prefiera la versión de que la crisis se debe a una producción de crudo insuficiente.
  7. Stern Review on the economics of climate change

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